About Us

Created in 1999, JobsInKent.com is the longest established recruitment web site specifically focusing on Kent.

JobsInKent.com is by far Kent's largest job site receiving over 25 million hits in March 2020 from Kent based jobseekers. We advertise in excess of 4,000 jobs every week with more than 6,000 local businesses already having used our service.

We deliver a higher volume of candidates than the top generalist national sites, but our audience is much more focused and that means we deliver a much higher quality response at a fraction of the price.

Combine the sheer volume of people online with the massive efficiencies that the Internet can provide and you have the most powerful recruitment tool the Kent area has ever seen.

We remain fully independent and have become the number one choice for recruiters in Kent.

Our in-house web design team ensure our service and products make the most of the latest technology.

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