Airline Is Offering To Pay Two Pals To Travel The World And Get Paid For It


Hold on a second while I just go and fill in the application...

An Icelandic airline is looking for two pals to travel the world together, while vlogging and blogging about their adventures, and getting paid. Hold on a second while I just go and fill in the application...

Right, back. So, WOW Airlines is offering two people the chance to move to a swish apartment in Reykjavik, which will become your base from 1 June to 15 August, from here you'll be flown to a bunch of places right across Europe and North America. You'll also spend sometime exploring Iceland and posting about that, too.

In total, you'll be expected to take eight trips to WOW Air destinations as well as four domestic trips around Iceland to see what the country has to offer. The airline flies to a massive range of cities, including Barcelona, New York and Stockholm.

According to Insider, you'll also pick up a monthly salary of around €3,300 (£2,888) each, on top of the free apartment and holidays. Nice.

The purpose of the role is to create content for the budget airline's online travel guide, so you will be expected to cover a number of things like food, culture, nightlife, nature, travel and how to travel while sticking to a budget.

The content will take the form of vlogs, Instagram stories, blogs posts, photos and 'any other form of creative media you can think of'.